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Supports Sexual Health and Improves Overall Vitality, while promoting a calm state of mind.

India's best-kept secret Ashwaganda is India's most potent sex-enhancing herb used by men and women to boost sexual desire. This rejuvenative herb has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to support a healthy reproductive and hormonal system.

Now according to scientific studies, we know that Ashwaganda is an adaptogen that also improves overall vitality while promoting a calm state of mind.

What makes Ashwaganda special? Also called winter cherry, Ashwaganda holds a place in Ayurvedic pharmacology similar to Ginseng in Chinese medicine. The herb comes from the roots of a shrub cultivated in India and North America, and contains flavonoids and withanolides, which are believed to account for the multiple medicinal applications of Ashwaganda.(1)

Studies have shown that Ashwaganda delivers:

•Enhanced sexual desire

•Antioxidant and rejuvenating properties

•Nourishment to muscle and bone tissues

•Support for the adrenal glands and the reproductive system

•A positive influence on the central nervous, endocrine, and cardiopulmonary systems (2)

•Stimulation to immune system cells, such as lymphocytes (3)

How safe is Ashwaganda?
No drug contraindications are known at this time. Overall supportive herbIf you want to calm your mind, alleviate stress, and support your immune, hormonal and reproductive systems while enjoying a spicier sex life, Ashwaganda is an excellent adaptogen to add to your health regimen.

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