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The herbal heart defender for living a heart-healthy life.

Want to support your cardiovascular and overall health? Jiaogulan is the perfect adaptogen herb to help you. China's 'Immortality Herb' Jiaogulan is best known for its use in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a potent adaptogen that supports healthy blood pressure, cardiovascular health, and healthy immunity. Until recently, it was known only in regions of southern China, where it is described as "the immortality herb" because people in the Guizhou province attribute their longevity to drinking Jiaogulan tea.

The earliest information on Jiaogulan appeared in the book Materia Medica for Famine (1406 A.D), at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty. Jiaogulan was recently re-discovered by a Japanese researcher who was in search of a sugar substitute. He studied Jiaogulan—a weed known for its sweetness—and discovered that it contains benefits similar to Ginseng. His discovery led to a body of scientific research on Jiaogulan, which has revealed that the herb is a potent adaptogen and antioxidant with numerous health benefits.

How does Jiaogulan support a healthy heart?

Studies have shown that Jiaogulan is effective for:

•Supporting healthy blood lipid levels (1)

•Supporting healthy blood pressure (2)

•Enhancing the release of nitric oxide in the body, which helps to relax coronary blood vessels (3)

•Providing adaptogenic (4,5) and antioxidant support (6,7)

•Increasing stamina and endurance

What's so special about Jiaogulan?

Jiaogulan contains a large amount of active ingredients—saponins—known as gypenosides. The structure of the gypenosides is similar to the ginsenosides found in Ginseng. But there are three to four times as many saponins in Jiaogulan as there are in Ginseng. Scientists believe that this greater number of gypenosides may account for Jiaogulan's ability to positively affect more body systems than Ginseng, including the cardiovascular, reproductive, digestive, immune, and neurological systems. (8,9)

How safe is Jiaogulan?

No drug contraindications are known at this time.

Overall supportive herb

A healthy heart is key to overall health and well-being. Live a healthy lifestyle, reduce your stress, and consider adding Jiaogulan to your daily health regimen. After all, it’s called the herb of immortality…how can you refuse?


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